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ACDC Validation Portal Upgraded
Posted by Philip Nell on 28 February 2022 08:39 AM

Open Spatial is pleased to announce the release and go-live of ACDC Portal 2.0.8.

The release includes new reporting features enabling users to identify the last action taken on a project and whether a project has not had any submission. The report is able to be configured and exported to a suitable file format for use in other systems. When viewing projects, the project number has been appended to assist in identifying project information.

Open Spatial has recently released a Beta version of ACDC online documentation and can now be accessed from the help menu on the portal. The Online help provides a Developers Guide to Submission which will assist Developers working with your organization. Full documentation on the administrator role has been added to ensure that the administrator maximizes the capabilities of the platform.

The support for GIS file submittals has been improved and the user now has the ability to download a version of the originally submitted file that has been checked and modified for file structure compliance.

The home page for has been changed, providing a more aesthetically pleasing and informative experience for the user. The home page will provide more frequent updates and important information useful for the Customer and the Developer.  See it here

Open Spatial continues its commitment for an end-to-end platform that supports content creation to validation. 

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