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2019 Open Spatial User Forum
Posted by Belinda Baker on 28 February 2019 10:44 AM




                                 Good Day our esteemed Open Spatial Users and Clients

                           Are you prepared for a full-day of “Powerful” idea exchanges,

                          knowledge-sharing on an “Epic Scale” and “Targeted” training?  

                           Learn from peers and experts alike as the Open Spatial Team

                            and Power Users gather for one day in Melbourne to discuss

                    what works and what doesn’t in the geospatial engineering and asset

                                                            management space. 

Monday 8 April 2019  


09.45 – 12:30

Registration, welcome, Software Development Road Map, ACDC “The Validator” Customer Case

Study, ACDC Customer Q & A Interactive Discussion, ACDC Workshop, GDA 2020  


12:30 – 13:15

Break for Lunch 


13.15 – 15:00

Munsys “The Optimiser” Customer Case Study, Munsys Customer Q & A Interactive Discussion,

Munsys 12 what’s new  


15.00 – 15:15

Break for Tea 


15.15 – 17:10

Munsys and Enlighten overview training, Enlighten V.4 “The Connector” – Enhanced

Functionality Interactive Session, Closing Message  


19:00 - Late

OSUF dinner  


              Should you have any questions or require any further information, please do not

                 hesitate to contact us on numbers below. The OSUF Detailed Programme and

                                                  Registration Form will follow soon.

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