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Take a look at enlighten 4.0
Posted by Belinda Baker on 15 February 2019 12:44 PM

We’ve launched the latest release of enlighten—our web-delivered geoportal that connects business-critical information across corporate applications.


This latest release includes a number of user-requested improvements and enterprise deployment functionality, and represents thousands of hours of effort. The results are a substantial step forward for the solution.


From user-configurable profiles and dynamic content refreshing to an augmented trace network and multi-device continuity, we’re pleased to share some of the release’s highlights with you.

 We’ve put together a few short videos that

illustrate some of our favourite enhancements.

Have questions or interested in a demo? Email us at



The Open Spatial Team

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new Blue Dragon License Key - Expiry 31 August 2019
Posted by Belinda Baker on 24 August 2018 12:04 PM

Please note that your enlighten Blue Dragon License key will expire on 25 August 2018

A new key has been provided (XFDFN-UB8-WNPB6)

Open Spatial will apply the key on all Managed Services Customer sites.

The Procedure is to replace the key on the Bluedragon section of the IIS main page.

Once the key has been applied it is safer to do an IISRESET.

If you need Open Spatial to apply the key, please log a support ticket 

Open Spatial Support

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Open Spatial announce the release of Munsys 12
Posted by Johan Nel on 15 May 2018 02:51 PM

Munsys version 12.0. is available for immediate download at

To view the recording of the Webinar Click Here 

This latest release focuses on user experience and functionality.

Improvements include substantial updates to:

* Integrity checks

* New system columns

* Planning, capturing and maintenance functionality for fiber networks and cable routes

* Upgrades to the cadastral application including easy linking of floor and room information to building data

Munsys® 12.0 is compatible with Autodesk® 2018 release and can be installed on the AutoCAD 2018 suite of products on Windows® 7, Windows® 8 and Windows® 10 operating systems.

Attend a Webinar to investigate the new functionality

Webinar 1 (Australian Time)

Please register for Munsys 12 Release on May 29, 2018 2:00 PM AEST at:


Webinar 2 (US Time)

Please register for Munsys 12 Release on May 30, 2018 10:00 AM PDT at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

The Open Spatial Team

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Posted by Johan Nel on 08 January 2018 05:37 PM

If you hold a licence for AIMS software you would have received the email announcement from Autodesk regarding their decision to discontinue AIMS as an individual product.  This does not come as a surprise since AIMS has been “Open Sourced”, for a little while now.  The only impact this has for AIMS users as far as the Open Spatial Software Suite is concerned, is on Enlighten.

 If I use Enlighten with AIMS, what is the impact?

Enlighten has been functioning with AIMS and/or Mapguide Open Source (MGOS) since Enlighten ver 3.0.   AIMS was actually built based on MGOS to start with  only 3 components added by Autodesk, those being:

  • Autodesk Infrastructure Studio (which is interchangeable with Mapguide Maestro, the Open Source equivalent);
  • Oracle Provider which is not used in Enlighten because of a bug, the Open Source equivalent “The King Provider” is used;
  • Raster Provider, the Open Source equivalent “GDAL Providers” are used.

We are committed to the continued enhancement and growth of Enlighten and therefore will continue to support AIMS as required, and we will increase our support to the maintenance of Mapguide Open Source.  The growth in Enlighten by the elimination of the “blue dragon” dependency and our efforts to support a modern React Viewer will ensure Enlighten keeps up with current IT trends. 

Enlighten 3.4 (release January 2018) and 4 (Release end of Q1 2018) will be compatible with AIMS 2017 and MGOS 3.1, and Open Spatial will continue to support these releases into the future.  As new MGOS release and made available, Open Spatial will support and contribute to the new functionality.

 In summary:

  • Any impact as a result of the discontinuance of AIMS as an individual product, is totally mitigated and should be without impact on  enlighten Customers.
  • Munsys, ACDC and the As Constructed Portal have no connection with AIMS and therefore remain completely unaffected.

 We will be in contact, personally within the next few weeks to give any clarification or explanations further to the above.

The Open Spatial Support Team

Open Spatial Logo

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OSXpress Tools for Munsys
Posted by Johan Nel on 17 December 2017 10:59 AM

If you attended or missed the OsXpress Tools webinar from early December 2017, here is the download and video information. The technical webinar was for Munsys users and introduced a new set of useful editing and data clean-up tools we've developed called OsXpress Tools.

OsXpress tools are not a standard part of Munsys, but are currently being provided to customers as an as-is menu. We are providing the menu to customers to try-out for themselves and then provide us with feedback.

The tools, menu and install document will be available from the support site shortly.  Please log a support ticket and we will place the download on the ftp site. 


A recording of the 25 Minutes webinar is available here:


The Open Spatial Support Team

Open Spatial

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